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How to get On-Hold working on your phone system

With over 25 years’ experience delivering professional audio for telephone systems, Sound Marketing have built the expertise to supply the exact audio required for any telephone system set up.

We work to achieve the best audio results on all cloud based systems, as well as supplying free hardware to work with PBX options. We also take great care to use the ideal file formats and compression rates to ensure the highest quality audio is delivered to the end user.

Getting on-hold audio to work on your telephone system is easy. Each system has a slightly different process, see the links below for instructions on how to get On-Hold audio to work on telephone systems. Most telephone system manufacturers refer to this as MoH (Music on hold).

The different types of telephone systems are:

  • Traditional systems (Private Branch Exchange or PBX)
  • Cloud telephony
  • VOIP (Voice-Over IP)
On-Hold phone systems

If your telephone system not listed, give us a call as we probably have the answer you need.

Need more help?

Here are a few links you may find useful

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Need help changing Music on Hold?

Our telephone on-hold audio is compatible with all systems. Find out how to get on-hold audio (MoH) working on your telephone system, please select your telephone system below.

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