At the dawn of our journey, Sound Marketing was established, introducing the world to on-hold audio delivered via innovative cassette tapes. Our first proud customers include Haynes Publishing and AMEX. George Heath Motors in Birmingham marked the beginning of our venture into the motor industry, becoming a loyal client, now part of the esteemed Stellantis Group. As we nurtured growth, we relocated to Box Hill in Wiltshire.


An exciting turning point as innovative technology emerges, prompting us to upgrade our equipment, ensuring we stay at the forefront of our industry.


Continuing to flourish, we make yet another leap to our present headquarters in Melksham, Wiltshire, a pivotal moment in our journey.


Proudly spearheading excellence, we co-founded the Audio Marketing Association (Europe) with industry peers, solidifying our commitment to exceptional standards. We expanded our expertise by establishing Sound Networks, an integral part of our company that bolsters our IT capabilities to thrive in the evolving telephony landscape.


Embracing innovation, we evolve into The Sound Marketing Group, while welcoming the birth of Sign Marketing (UK) Ltd and Embroidery UK Ltd. Pioneering the way, we introduce internet-based audio uploading to phone systems, transforming the industry's landscape.


Determined to provide unparalleled services, we enhance our studio facilities with a state-of-the-art sound booth, empowering us to host voicing sessions in-house. Our groundbreaking Daily News Announcements service is unveiled, allowing our clients to revel in fresh audio EVERY day.


Advancing with the times, we upgrade our hardware to accommodate the ever-popular MP3 files, ensuring seamless compatibility with emerging telephony trends.


A monumental management buyout takes place, setting the stage for further growth and innovation.


In pursuit of reinvention, we embark on a major rebranding journey across the Sound Marketing Group, showcasing our dedication to staying relevant and contemporary.


Uplifting our capabilities, we significantly expand our team, recruiting talented scriptwriters and passionate Business Development personnel. To further elevate our services, online profiles for all our clients are introduced across our entire business landscape. Technological strides enable web-based phone systems, empowering effortless audio file uploads.


We continue to revolutionize the audio industry, developing online scripting platforms, enriching our offering, and providing unparalleled value to our cherished clients.


Uniting with our peers, we form the EMA (Experience Marketing Association) by joining forces with OHMA, the American equivalent, solidifying our commitment to enhancing customer experiences.



A monumental milestone as we celebrate 20 years of excellence, grateful for our clients' unwavering support that fuels our dedication to innovation.


Unleashing our expertise in cloud-based and VOIP telephony, we ensure our services are primed for the future.


Ever evolving, we proudly launch our Telephone Audio Reseller Platform, empowering our clients to benefit from our audio expertise and extend its reach everywhere.


25th Anniversary: A momentous occasion as we proudly celebrate 25 years of success and authority in the audio realm. We cherish this incredible milestone and extend heartfelt gratitude to our valued clients and team. Here's to 25 years of captivating audio experiences, and many more to come!


SoundM jump into and make their own advances in the world of cloud-based telephony and audio streaming. We also revamped our online scripting system to improve and make it easier to use!