Sound Marketing company timeline

A brief history of our time at Sound Marketing


Sound Marketing established and we start selling on hold audio delivered via cassette tapes. Our first customers are Haynes Publishing and AMEX who are both still clients today, 20 years later. George Heath Motors in Birmingham become our first motor client; still a customer today as part of Robins & Day. We move premises to Box Hill in Wiltshire as the Company starts to expand.


Some brand new technology comes on the scene so we upgrade our equipment!


Another move, this time to our current HQ in Melksham, Wiltshire.


We set up the Audio Marketing Association (Europe) with several other major industry competitors, to ensure excellence within our industry. Sound Networks is established as part of the Company to ensure we have our own IT expertise in an increasingly IT focussed telephony industry.


We become The Sound Marketing Group as Sign Marketing (UK) Ltd and Embroidery UK Ltd are born. Internet based uploading of audio to phone systems is introduced to the industry.


Our Studio facilities are upgraded to include a sound booth so we can host Voicing sessions at our premises. Our ground breaking Daily News Announcements service is introduced so our clients can have new audio EVERY day.


Advances in telephony mean new hardware is needed once again – this time for MP3 files.


A management buyout takes place at Sound Marketing with the goal of growing the business even more.


A major rebrand is completed across the Sound Marketing Group.


We have a major expansion of the team recruiting more scriptwriters and Business Development personnel. Online profiles for all our clients introduced – across all businesses. Further technological advances in telephony mean web based phone systems are possible which audio files can be uploaded to.


Online scripting platforms are developed for our clients to add huge value to our offering.


The Audio Marketing Associate (Europe) joins forces with OHMA - the American equivalent – to form the EMA / Experience Marketing Association. New national contracts awarded to Sound Marketing for telephone audio. New national contracts awarded to Sound Marketing for telephone audio.




Developed audio expertise for cloud based and VOIP telephony.


Launched our Telephone Audio Reseller Platform.

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