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Give your telephone system a competitive edge with professionally voiced audio

Take advantage of this opportunity to improve the caller experience whilst benefiting from an additional income stream.

Our reseller package provides everything you need to present, offer and implement the best audio for your customers.

As well as this easy to use resource, we provide:

  • Free audio samples
  • Fully managed on-hold production service
  • Telephone system prompts
  • Website content
  • Continual support
  • Licence Fee commission

A perfect opportunity

Updating a telephone system provides an opportunity to improve the caller experience.

Throughout their telephone journeys the end users hear audio, greeting messages, auto attendants, on-hold productions, prompts and out of hours messages. How this audio is created and delivered has a major effect on the feelings of the person on the telephone. At Sound Marketing we are here to convert this into an opportunity to provide the very best service for your customers and to help you generate revenue.

On-hold messages are used to:

  • Set brand standard levels
  • Promote new products or services
  • Drive business to online resources
  • Cross sell products
  • Highlight accreditations
  • Reassure customers
  • Reflect a business moving forward

Audio Branding & Standards

At every touch point with a customer where there is sound, the perception of a business is reinforced by what is heard. When a business has high levels of professional branding, the sound of the business should reflect this.

Reflect changes

Your on-hold productions should reflect the changes in your business.

In our changing world, businesses that stand still struggle to prosper. To survive and thrive, we all look to new opportunities created by the changing environment around us. Sometimes longstanding customers are not aware just how much a business has grown. Despite social media posts and newsletters promoting what is new in your business, customers’ perceptions can be slow to change.

"Regular updates to your on-hold productions are essential to illustrate the changes in your business. This shows you are a business that is moving forward not stuck in the past".


Regular updates

To ensure updates are made to productions Sound Marketing’s Account Managers will pro-actively contact you; driving the changes that are needed to keep your productions up to date. This enables you to use date sensitive and seasonal messages, safe in knowledge that the production updates will be carried out in good time, and never run over.

In-house productions

Professional audio editing and fast turnaround on all productions!

Every day we record with many different voice-over artists and utilise our vast library of professional music tracks to produce unique on-hold productions. We turn all productions around within 48 hours.

Our production team utilise Logic Pro X; a digital audio workstation (DAW) and MIDI sequencer software, which allows them to manipulate, refine and compress audio to ensure the best possible play back on each specific telephone system.


We make it easy

Customers can review & update their productions online in our On-hold scripting resource.

Our bespoke online scripting portal allows access to our extensive library of voice-over artists and music. Changes can be made in just a few clicks, with direct communication between the customer and their dedicated Account Manager. No need to worry about emails being missed or attachments being sent back and forth. The customer has 24/7 access to their Audio Marketing.

A dedicated Account Manager is happy to draft messages for the customer based on their requirements. So it relieves the customer of the responsibility and not another job in their busy schedule. Customers simply include the required details and the Account Manager will draft messages to approve before production begins.

It’s never been easier for customers to take advantage of another customer touch-point.


E.g. " *New model* in stock. Sale from 1st July until 2nd August. Half price." "The release of the *new model* is here! To celebrate the release of this fantastic new take on a classic, the price will be reduced to only half price for a limited time only! The sale is on from the 1st of July until the 2nd of August so don't miss your chance!"

Enhancing all telephony options

With over 20 years’ experience delivering professional audio for telephone systems, Sound Marketing have built the expertise to supply the exact audio required for any telephone system set up.

We work to achieve the best audio results on all cloud based systems, as well as supplying free hardware to work with PBX options.

We take great care to use the ideal file formats and compression rates to ensure the highest quality audio is delivered to the end user.


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