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Opportunity for motor dealerships

If a receptionist answers your calls, then callers are going to be transferred. This is when they will hear on-hold productions.

A perfect opportunity to:

  • Set your levels of Customer Service
  • Reinforce brand standards
  • Convert a service call into a sales enquiry
  • Promote quarterly offers
  • Highlight trade-in promotions
  • Promote VIP Days
  • Cross-sell service and parts services
  • Announce test drive and showroom offers

Sound Marketing was established in 1997, founded by an ex Dealer Principal who believed that motor dealerships should have campaign messages on the telephone the same day campaigns were launched in the showrooms.

To achieve this, these company principles were developed and remain at the heart of our business:

  • Promise Our promise is to deliver perfect productions on time, every time
  • Process Such high standards require robust processes, with every aspect done in-house
  • People We are only as good as the people who deliver our promises every day

We work with every main motor franchise

What makes our audio service so unique is our relationship with motor brands, combined with our pro-active scripting. We don't have to be told by dealers when a new model is out, we will have already scripted messages for them and have them ready on their online scripting platform.

Motor Specialist

£52.50 a Month

Telephone On-Hold audio for motor dealerships. We write franchise quarterly campaign messages as they are released, have them ready on your online scripting portal, then contact the dealerships to ensure telephone messages correspond with dealerships promotions.

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