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Hospitality On Hold

On Hold audio tailored for the hospitality industry

On Hold hospitality

When you think of your venue, what do you want people to think of? Better yet – what would you want people to hear?

In the digital age, where book sales are in decline but audiobooks are thriving, there’s a lot to be said for the power of the spoken word. Sales teams across the world are training to say the right thing at the right time and in the right way. What if we could do the same thing with your phone? Make it say the right thing, at the right time.

What do you care about?

Why is hospitality a good fit for on-hold?

Enter: Sound Marketing

Sound Marketing have been providing on-hold audio for 20 years and it’s because of this expertise that we work with hoteliers across all of the UK. We understand that your business has its own identity and its own sound.

Sound Marketing will create the audio you need and the audio you need your customers to hear.

Hospitality Signage

Hospitality On Hold

Hospitality Signage

Sign Marketing UK Ltd, a division of the Sound Marketing Group have an extensive range of external and internal signage for venues. From large scale projects to every day directional signs to help customers navigate around a modern complex, there is a sign to match every need. With a specialism in exhibition signage Sign Marketing’s in-house design team design and manufacture bespoke signage to fit exactly what is required.

Industry Clothing

Hospitality On Hold

Hospitality industry workwear

Embroidery UK Ltd, a division of the Sound Marketing Group have developed a range of clothing to support the complex needs of the modern hospitality industry. The range of quality clothing starts with front of house clothing, through to kitchen and back-room staff. Our knowledge of the industry combined with our clothing expertise means our range is a perfect match for a busy hotel or leisure facility.

Reception Audio

Hospitality On Hold

Audio for your reception desk

Reception audio is an ingenious way to not only make sure your guests know about your current offers or promotions whilst they’re with you, but to also create a relaxing and friendly atmosphere within your venue. It’s also been proven that people are more receptive to marketing in an audio format than any other. By using the same Voice Artist as your on-hold production, you can create further coherence within your brand.

Our reception audio facility has the capability to play different play lists at different times of the day and in different parts of the hotel; it is not appropriate to have the same music playing in the restaurant on a Friday evening that you would have in the reception on a Tuesday morning. Our experts work with you to build music profiles suitable for every section of the hotel.

Business drivers

Hospitality On Hold

Hospitality On Hold

An understanding of the industry is key to us delivering products and services that can best meet the needs of our hotel and leisure customers. Certain key aspects of the industry remain of utmost importance; the occupancy rate and the cost per customer. However in the 16 years we have been supplying productions to hotels we have noticed changes in the industry. It is now important to maximise the potential of a venue by cross selling the many services on offer. Also the customer experience and building brand trust is much more considered.

The increase in the franchise model to a level of 75% of the rooms sold in 2011 goes to show the importance of brand integrity. All these factors are taken into consideration when we produce audio or provide products and services to hotels.

First impressions

Hospitality On Hold

Hospitality industry on hold

It’s likely that one of the first points of contact a new customer has with a venue is on the telephone. At Sound Marketing our priority is the customer experience. Often the first voice a caller will hear is a recording; this can be either a negative experience or a chance to establish the brand and reassure your potential guests. We ensure that first interaction with the venue is a positive one.

Our telephone on-hold marketing facility includes the provision of equipment and an on-going Account Managed service that ensures your locations are always playing up-to-date, relevant soundtracks that reinforce your brand identity. Our after-sales service is unique in the industry and offers the following advantages:

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