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Why are telephone systems moving to the cloud?

Why are telephone systems moving to the cloud?

Have a look at the business telephone market, and you'll quickly notice that classic telephone systems are becoming harder and harder to find. Instead you'll find "SIP" and "Hosted" solutions under the umbrella of "cloud telephony", that are cheaper and work using your existing internet connection, rather than the copper wires of the original phone systems.

So, why are more and more telephone systems moving to the cloud? Cost... and features! In 2023, you will no longer be able to get new ISDN telephone lines, and in 2025, BT will "switch off" all ISDN lines in favour of using VoIP networks. This means that customers who buy ISDN systems will have to buy another new system in a few years. This means that getting a hosted phone system is the most cost effective option for the short term and the long term.

Combine this with the suite of amazing features that even a basic hosted system comes with (easy setup, easy to use, easy to grow or shrink, call recording, call analytics, the list goes on) it's easy to see why the industry is quickly moving to internet based solutions. So, once you have your sparkling new internet based phone system, you can start working on creating a custom "caller environment" that helps your callers understand your business and gets them to buy more of your products and services -cough- MUSIC ON HOLD FROM SOUND MARKETING -cough. To learn more about the "switch off", as well as our industry-leading On Hold audio, drop us a message.

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