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Which industries should leverage on-hold messages?

Which industries should leverage on-hold messages?

On-hold audio can be used to set brand standards, promote new products or services, drive business to an online resource, cross-sell products, highlight accreditations, reflect a business moving forwards, reassure your callers and many more. Can you see how many marketing opportunities it can bring to your business?

For example, the motor industry can benefit a lot from on-hold marketing. Our pro-active scripting helps them announce any new models without any worry.

On the other hand, modern hotels have much to offer and to promote. Ranging from their restaurants, wedding venues, gyms and treatment services, swimming pools and business facilities. That is why the hospitality industry is another good sector that can benefit a lot from it as well.

People tend to check-in and out of hotels at peak times such as the mornings, at these times there is never enough time for the receptionist to answer the phone and deal with the person in front of them. What happens then with the incoming calls? In these situations when on-hold messages can be a lifesaver.

Actually, ANY business that wants to increase the spend of their core clients can leverage these marketing tools. Do you have a telephone line? Then, you will likely benefit from it. You might not be available to always answer the telephone straight away or the caller might want to talk to a person different from the one answering the line.

Make the most of your caller’s time by providing useful information to them and by doing so, deliver greater value.

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