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Where on earth is cloud data actually located?

Where on earth is cloud data actually located?

“Cloud” data is not stored in the clouds as its name may suggest. It is actually stored in several different physical locations on hard drives. All these servers are owned by the world’s largest corporations. This essentially means, our data sits on computers we don’t really have access to.

What makes cloud data storage different?

This type of data isn’t stored on your own personal drive (either your laptop hard drive, mobile phone, etc). It is stored on servers usually owned by big tech companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc. and everyone has access to their data through the Internet.

People usually think of cloud computing with public clouds such as Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc; however, there are also other consumer clouds such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for social media posts, Apple for music or Google for email.

 Is it secure?

The short answer is: Yes! It’s probably more secure than conventionally stored data. Why? 

As the data owner, we don’t really care where the actual data is stored as long as we can access it whenever we need it. If a machine fails, the whole operation moves to another part of the system very quickly. Thus, computer clouds are everywhere.

Most of the cyber attacks we often hear about hit traditional servers. What makes it safer then?

Put it this way, isn’t your money safer when it is mixed with other people's money in a bank vault rather than sitting alone in a drawer at your home? The same happens with data.

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