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When was the last time you called your own helpline?

When was the last time you called your own helpline?

How your customers feel about your business is important, isn’t it?  And in these strange times, our customer journeys may have changed considerably, with offices closed and people working from home. So how is your customer journey measuring up right now?

Getting customer feedback on your company and support service is crucial for a business to correct any undesired customer perceptions. However, what can be better than checking for yourself? Have you ever heard of bosses infiltrating into their own business as customers?

A good place to start is at the first steps of the customer journey, can people find the right number to call easily? Ok, that’s easy. Secondly, is the caller experience as good now as it was previously?  Call anonymously your own helpline to see for yourself the quality of your customer service.

Throughout your telephone journey you may hear all kinds of audio, a greeting message, an auto-attendant and those little bits of audio, such as, “You will be connected shortly”, and even on-hold music, before you get to speak to one of your team.

If everything has gone smoothly, you can have a quick chat with someone in your business.

Now reflect on all those bits of audio:

·         Was there a consistent voice?

·         Did the experience match your visual brand?

·         Would your customer get a better experience from your competitor?

We recommend doing that from time to time. By doing so you will be able to assess your employees’ communication skills, the pace of their speaking, tone of voice and problem-solving skills. Even other technical issues such as the quality of your audio, waiting times, on-hold audio, etc.

The aim of this action should not be to punish any employees’ underperformance but rather detect weaknesses in your own customer service and get a first-hand opinion. Be careful, though! If the mentioned strategy were to be used to punish employees for their mistakes it could ultimately have a negative long term effect on employees’ motivation and trust towards the company.

Your employee’s problem solving and communication skills are what they are and it’s up to you to train them properly. However, technical aspects such as on-hold audio quality should not worry you. If you are not completely happy, Sound Marketing can help.

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