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What to expect in the communication industry this 2021?

What to expect in the communication industry this 2021?

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all industries, especially the telecom and communication industry. That is why most of the 2021 trends are driven by the challenges and demand created by the ongoing pandemic. 

These accelerated changes all revolve around business telephony which is adding innovative features to support remote working, learning and collaboration necessities. They all have become essential rather than merely a convenience. 

Here go the 7 top trends to expect during 2021:

1. Business telephony providers are innovating towards offering new smart features to ensure remote workflow and collaboration. For instance, activity tracking, call mentoring, real-time dashboards, discreet listening, performance analysis, etc. 

2. 5G will definitely go mainstream this year. Not only enables faster communications but it also brings higher browsing speed, better mobile broadband connection and increased network capabilities. 

3. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are going to be one of the most significant trends this year. With increased reliability thanks to 5G and bigdata, they will reinvent customer relationships. From virtual assistant and chatbots to conversational AI platforms. As Forbes points out, the telecoms industry is the fastest-growing sector leveraging this tech. 

4. Unification of marketing tools and data sharing tools thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) whose demand is expected to increase exponentially not only at the industrial level but also for domestic use.  

5. Cloud-based phone systems have already penetrated several industries such as healthcare, hospitality, eCommerce or professional services but not until now they have entered the education industry. This is going to change during this year. 

6. High levels of investment towards blockchain in order to bring effectiveness and cybersecurity in telecommunications. 

7. DevOps is a combination of software development practices and IT operations that aims on improving communication, collaboration, integration and automation. Although it is not a new term on the telecom ecosystem at all, it will increase its usage in order to improve network efficiency, reduce CAPEX, eliminate manual configuration, increased resilience, less time required to market new apps, etc. 

Keeping up with industry trends can be challenging in the fast evolving world we live in but here at Sound Marketing we can help with that. Keep an eye on our blog for further industry related content. 


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