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What makes a good On-Hold message?

What makes a good On-Hold message?

A good On-Hold message should convey a single idea to the listener and give them a simple call to action at the end. All of which, ideally, is easily memorised and actioned once the call has been connected to its destination. And remember, most callers will spend about 30 seconds On-Hold, so long and complex messages will not be heard by the majority of them. Short and succinct messages work best.

Audio has a massive impact on buying habits, and one of its greatest advantages is that it can be almost completely invisible, whilst still actively feeding ideas to the listener, which gives them the feeling that the ‘decision to buy’ was entirely their own and had no outside influences. 

THEY initiated, THEY want to know more, THEY are interested, and all that is different is that they were party to a conversation that they did not have to engage with directly. That subtle change in how the information was delivered, is key to how good On-Hold messages get customers to engage with your sales team.

Long messages that mention multiple products may seem like a great way to tell your callers about everything you have to offer, but they simply will not retain all of that information. And in much the same way a product poster will not have huge walls of text, your Music-On-Hold message should be no longer than 30 seconds and should focus on a single product or service. Most callers will switch off if they cannot follow along, rendering your carefully crafted On-Hold message ineffective. 

When writing a good On-Hold message: keep it short, keep it focussed, give it a simple call to action, and let the caller come to you with the enquiry. 

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