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What is on-hold audio?

What is on-hold audio?

On-hold audio is the music and messaging that your callers hear when they’re transferred or placed on hold. There are numerous ways to use to on-hold and you should always check if your phone system has the capability to use it, (most will.) It can be implemented by connecting a piece of hardware to your phone system or by uploading a file directly. To some, on-hold audio is simply music to placate customers whilst they’re on hold. Large businesses and corporations have been known to pay for the ability to play chart-toppers to show how “in touch” they are, but how does this differentiate them from any other businesses doing the same thing? This is where smarter businesses see the opportunity to inform and promote. Sound Marketing help these businesses achieve this goal.

For 20 years Sound Marketing have created tailor made on-hold audio, that keeps customers on the line, informs them of the latest offers, events and promotions and does this whilst maintaining brand consistency. Putting someone on hold is an action that should be viewed as an opportunity to multi-task. Carry out the request and whilst they’re waiting, they can be informed. At some point your business will put a caller on hold, and if this isn’t properly handled, they’ll hang up and are unlikely to ever call back. If your business routes its calls to a receptionist or first point of contact that has to then be transferred to someone else. YOU ARE PUTTING CUSTOMERS ON HOLD.

Transferring, on-hold, parking… all of these use, or are terms for, using on-hold. Sound Marketing combines talented voice artists with professional music and scripting that ensures every piece of on-hold audio created, is a tailor-made production that’s individual to each customer. To summarise; On-hold audio is what you make it. It can be music, it can be beeping or even silence… or it can be purposeful, branded content for a customer that’s already on the line.

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