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What do you need to know about the Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband?

What do you need to know about the Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband?

Openreach is an independent division of the BT group focused on the UK’s phone line-based broadband infrastructure. They are in charge of maintaining and upgrading the local network to keep  homes and businesses connected. 

Their Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband network is a mixture of fibre and copper cables which allies no buffering or downtime. Also, it gives speeds up to ten times faster than other technologies and have between 70-80% faults.

What services does it provide?

They range from fixed phone line connections, DSL broadband, fibre-optic broadband, TV services, etc. They continuously upgrade their network cables to ensure the best quality service possible.

What are its benefits?

Work from home becomes a breeze enabling people to work from home whenever necessary. Moreover, it also provides increased reliability.

The potential benefits are massive by providing cheaper and faster delivery of public health care, education among many other industries that benefit the society as a whole. We must not forget that is not just broadband, Full Fibre also has a direct effect on voice technology and sound quality.

Do all Internet providers use Openreach?

The answer to this question is not as straightforward as one might think.  BT and Virgin Media are the two behemoths of the broadband world. They are the two largest providers of home internet, TV, phone services and fixed-line broadband networks in the UK.

They both have their entirely owned separate network where they operate. However, whereas Virgin Media delivers faster speeds their coverage is smaller meaning that not all homes have access to the Virgin line. That is why Virgin Media uses Openreach's network as well to some extent. 

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