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What are the most common objections to On Hold audio?

What are the most common objections to On Hold audio?

At Sound Marketing, we have been working with businesses across an array of sectors for almost 25 years. During this time, we have developed processes which allow us to deliver an exception level of customer service - and on the other side of the coin,  we also know a thing or two about helping our customers deliver a great service to their customers...

However, On Hold audio is still a relatively niche service and to put it simply, some people just don’t get it! Over the years, we have been met with a number of objections from potential and (now) customers, here are a few of them...

“We are installing a new phone system with built-in audio”

Whilst an increasing amount of phone systems do offer built-in audio, in the majority of cases, this is likely to be poor quality on-hold music accompanied by a robotic voice generator; if you’ve ever had to listen to this kind of audio, you’ll know that it is hardly engaging and is therefore of very little value in the context of customer experience.

The bottom line here is that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

“We never put customers on-hold”

This is a fairly common response and ironically, has even been raised after we have ourselves been placed On Hold! In fact, around 86% of  phone calls to business are placed on hold, so, are you really sure you NEVER put any customer on-hold?!

If the answer is still no, callers will also hear On Hold audio if you transfer their call, this is of course very common if your business has multiple departments with corresponding phone extensions.

“It’s too expensive”

Every company of course has different financial resources and since the start of the pandemic, the management of those finances has been even more crucial. 

That is specifically why we provide different packages across a range of price points, so you can still invest in your brand, on a smaller budget. In fact, our prices are lower than most of the other providers of On Hold audio in the UK.

It is also important to remember that On Hold audio is not solely for the benefit of your callers, rather it works both ways; implementing On Hold audio is a great way to advertise your products and/or services to people who are already interested in your business (they wouldn’t have called otherwise!). It makes more sense therefore, to consider On Hold audio as a business investment, which can deliver real returns. 

“I can’t track performance”

We understand that business decisions need to be backed up with data, and whilst it is a little more difficult to track the direct benefits of On Hold audio, there are of course ways to do so! One of our top tips is to use coupon/discount codes that are specific to your On Hold audio, this way whenever a customer mentions the relevant codes, you’ll know where this has come from.

“We produce our audio in-house”

This is something we hear fairly often and to be blunt, we can tell! Whilst Jane from Accounts or Dave from I.T. may be lovely people with friendly-sounding voices, when it comes to how your business is perceived, this just won’t cut the mustard! 

We understand that it is extremely tempting to go with this easy (and free) option, but once you have compared your self-recorded messages to the quality of professionally produced audio with industry-leading Voice Artists, you may just change your mind.

“We are a small business, we don’t need it”

Whilst this is a logical response, the size of your business does not eradicate your need for a service like On Hold audio. In fact, if you only employ a handful of people, there are inevitably going to be times when the required person is not available and a caller is placed On Hold.

Moreover, smaller businesses will naturally have a reduced marketing budget, this doesn’t mean however that you can’t compete with the bigger guys when it comes to innovative means of marketing; our On Hold audio is utilised by all kinds of businesses, from MNCs to small family-run enterprises.

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