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Top 10 marketing trends to expect in 2021

Top 10 marketing trends to expect in 2021

As Deloitte publishes in their 2021 marketing trends report: “In these changed times, companies should break out of their often defensive mindsets to more holistically—and authentically—meet human needs”. 

So, here there go the top marketing trends marketing specialists should consider adopting in 2021 and beyond. 

1. Brand accountability. Consumers expect maximum transparency by brands as possible. Younger generations strongly believe that brands are much more than profit, corporate responsibility can become an important asset for companies as well.  

2. Growth for e-commerce. 49% of people surveyed globally intend to shop online more even when the pandemic is over. 

3. Hyper automation. 68% of marketing specialists believe automated technology and AI will have a positive impact on marketing practices. 

4. Data visualisation. is gonna be on the top of the skills required to properly deal with the new marketing demands and trends. 

5.  Hybrid events. From now one in-person and online experiences will be offered when planning an event. 

6. Connecting with your customers. Customers now crave a more personalized treatment from brands. The new marketing approach should be more focused on human closer connections.  91% of customers are more likely to opt for a company that offers customization. 

7. Creativity is thriving. The pandemic has challenged the way of doing business, that is why all businesses have had to look for new creative ways. 2020 has been filled with the most inspiring campaigns. 

8. Video content. It has been proven that all posts containing a video get more traffic than those who don't. 

9. Multichannel influencer marketing. Micro and macro influencers (<25K followers) are getting high engagement rates and great results for those companies leveraging them. Not to mention that they don’t involve huge expenses. 

10. User-generated content. is the “new” worth-of-mouth. It is proven that user-generated content outperforms any other type of brand-created content. 

As we highlighted creativity and innovation is at the top of our agendas. Part of this innovation is audio marketing. Big brands are increasingly exploring all the benefits audio marketing brings to the overall branding experience. Therefore, we can expect many more businesses to incorporate sound as part of their marketing strategy. 

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