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The future of work is hybrid

The future of work is hybrid

It has been over a year since the strike of the Covid-19 pandemic. It forced millions of people worldwide to work remotely. However, as more people are getting vaccinated and we start seeing round the corner on the pandemic, everyone is starting to wonder what will the future look like? 

The pandemic was definitely the trigger of remote working. Employees are expecting to work from home at least a few days a week. But many organisations are also considering hybrid approaches in the long-term since companies are benefiting from higher productivity, engagement, and loyalty.  productivity has not decreased. Thus, hybrid approaches seem to make everyone happy. 

Hybrid approaches refer to the ability to work from wherever it is needed. Whether it is the office, home or any other place. What it is clear is that being in the office is not going to be the focal point of usual business activity anymore. 

Actually, in the past few months we have seen many businesses shift their budgets from physical workplaces towards any digital equipment needed to work from home. 

Moreover, we have recently been putting work-life balance to the forefront in order to create harmony while maintaining productivity. Wellbeing programs to combat loneliness of working from home have also helped and action plans to maintain connection with working colleagues have been put in place.  

A survey has revealed that around 75% of employees would give up one benefit or perk such as healthcare coverage, cash bonuses or paid time off in exchange for the freedom to choose where to work from. 

All in all, no matter what, the future will include more video meetings and phone calls. For that everybody will need to have the best audio excellence and tools to collaborate remotely. 


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