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Recent best audio branding campaigns

Recent best audio branding campaigns

The concept of brand identity is a never-ending journey. Companies must embrace the power and exploit all its facets. That is why recently major brands have  embraced the power of speech and audio marketing. 

2020 has been a roller coaster, however, despite these unprecedented times audio branding has emerged as being a powerful way to capture the audience's attention. Companies from all sizes have prioritized sound on their marketing strategies. 

MasterCard, Liberty Mutual, Apple and Netflix are only some examples of the best audio campaigns launched in 2020. 

One of the highlights of 2020 has been the fact that MasterCard has dethroned McDonald’s as the best audio brand according to AMP.  Although the new MasterCard anthem was launched around mid 2019 it was during this past year when they really embraced their holistic identity and managed to properly implement it across a variety of touchpoints. 

Alternatively, according to Veritonic Audio Logo Index, Liberty Mutual was found to have the best audio logo thanks to their modified sonic identity.  

The latest Apple Watch Series 6 spot stands out for leveraging celebrity voiceover artistry. Helena Bonham Carter adapts her tone throughout the story resulting in comic advertisement. 

And last but not least, Netflix launched in August their new 16 second production. It is amazing how a simple “Ta-Dum” promises entertainment without limits. Their audio logo is real proof of how an audio logo can be equally important as a visual logo for a company’s brand asset. 

The key takeaway is that audio is important to customers and it will definitely continue to grow as a branding tool. That's why companies must seriously consider investing in audio marketing if they aren’t doing so yet. All these major brands have already acknowledged the essentiality of audio branding. What are you waiting for? 


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