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How much is on-hold audio?

How much is on-hold audio?

On-hold audio or “hold music” prices are highly variable. Not only due to the differences in prices between providers but due to the number of factors that must be considered when creating the audio and how many phone lines it’s going to be used across. E.g. If your on-hold audio is going to be one repeating message with no music, then it’s going to cost considerably less than a script that features 5 voice artists and is to be played across 45 sites.

Ok, what does the cost include? First remember that having bespoke on-hold audio created, means that you don’t need a PPL or PRS license! Sound Marketing provides the only license you’ll need for on-hold audio. Don’t forget the voice artists get paid too! The studio will be recording, mixing, editing and bouncing all the audio for you as well. Sounds like it’s piling up? Well, Sound Marketing roll everything into a simple monthly payment. We provide a bespoke service, as well as a completely bespoke audio production. The best way to get an idea of what price you’re going to be expecting is to nail down what you need and want. Follow this guide to get yourself prepped for an authentic quotation: Check what phone system you have. Not the handset on your desk but the phone system (PBX) that’s more than likely in your Comms room.

How many sites do you want to broadcast on-hold audio at, and do you want them all to play the same audio? How many times do you want to update this audio per annum? If you know the above and you know what you’d like your on-hold audio to say, Sound Marketing can provide a quote, sample audio and if agreed, can set up the on-hold audio often within as little as two working days. If you’re not sure on any of the above, we’d be happy to help.

You can chat with us via our website or call us on 01225 701600 to go through the details or we can arrange a visit. To summarise; All providers have varying rates based upon what you require. However, Sound Marketing will tailor a package to suit your needs, not assume a generic “one price covers all” deal will fit your business too.

So remember, Sound Marketing offer an Account Managed service, use their own in-house studio for a swift audio turnaround and will tailor a package to suit you.

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