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Help, my On Hold audio is not working!

Help, my On Hold audio is not working!

There are many simple easy fixes for your audio not working. The setup of on-hold audio is very simple. So much so that many of our customers have set up their own announcer! Power up, connect an audio cable, plug in a USB stick and you’re off! Cloud-Based and VOIP systems are even easier. Don’t let setting up on-hold audio put you off because there couldn’t be an easier process. Should you encounter a blip, here’s a quick breakdown for troubleshooting your audio. There are many small fixes that make big differences. E.g. The mains adaptor has been yanked out by a cleaner’s hoover. We can just plug that back in. First, identify the symptom; Is it Beeping? Fuzzy? Silent? Then we can help you resolve it.


If you hear beeping whilst on hold, this is usually due to either a hardware change with your phone system, (new phone system installed?) or a software change to your phone system. All you need to do is contact your telephone maintainer and ask that they enable on-hold, “MOH” or “BGM.”


If the audio is distorted and fuzzy, this is usually because of two things. First, check the volume isn’t set too high. The excessive volume will cause distortion. Second is that the audio line from your announcer could be too close to a power cable. Power cables can cause with an audio cable.


The simplest fix for this is that it’s likely the volume has been turned ALL the way down. Simply readjust. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, check the announcer is still connected. Ensure the audio cable from your announcer is connected to the PBX and that the announcer’s power lead is still connected. If you do not have an announcer and the file is usually uploaded, you can ask us to provide the latest audio file to your maintainer for upload again.

Finally, it’s cheesy but… have you tried turning it off and on again? If your announcer is still not working, contact us and we’ll see what we can do to help. Sound Marketing can always help if you require a new announcer. If you’re having issues with your current provider and would like to discuss switching your subscription to Sound Marketing, let us know and we’ll ensure the transition is a smooth process.

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