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Have you just lost £1,200 without even knowing?

Have you just lost £1,200 without even knowing?

Businesses from all industries miss a call every once in a while, but, do they understand which is the true cost of not answering? A few missed calls might seem unharmful but they can have a negative impact greater than you might think. 

Digitalisation has increased a lot the amount of channels consumers have at their reach to contact business. However, sometimes we forget about the most traditional and effective channel, the telephone. We must not forget that 80% of business communications still happen over the phone. 

Many businesses wrongly believe that customers will simply call again. But research has proved that around 85% of consumers will not call back again, they will rather turn to one of your competitors. 

Missing a call has a direct negative impact on the customer experience happiness level. Although it might not directly cause to lose a customer, missing a call definitely triggers more consequences than you would first anticipate. 

First of all, missing a call gives a really bad first impression not to mention that damages your professionalism image. You are wasting your customers or potential clients and be losing possible referrals at the same time. All in all, you may be losing revenue for your business. 

If by now, you haven't realized the extent of the problem pay attention to the following statistics. The financial impact of missing a call is definitely big enough to be worrying about it. 

As DataKom points out, UK businesses are losing £90millon in revenues every year only because they failed to answer their incoming calls. For instance, missing a couple of calls per day means around 104 potential lost sales. Even if these callers left a message and you called them back, you would be potentially losing 72 prospects. 

Another study carried out by BT has proven that UK businesses lose around £1,200 on average for every single missed call. 

Missing a call every once in a while is unavoidable. In that case, make sure you have a contingency plan to mitigate the damages. What can you do? 

  • Provide other contact details and website details where they might find their answer. 

  • Keep track of lost calls so you can get back to them. 

  • Have a professional voicemail recording put in place. 

At Sound Marketing we can help by producing the perfect professional voicemail recording and any other On-Hold messages your business might require to improve the overall customer experience. Contact our account at 01225 701600 managers for further information. 


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