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Finding the right voice for your brand

Finding the right voice for your brand

Effectively communicating your brand to your customers isn’t accomplished by simply selecting a generic voice to read out a handful of promotional messages. Taking careful consideration of your target audience when selecting appropriate Voice Artists and music beds for your telephone on-hold, is crucial in presenting an accurate image of your business through audio.

On paper, choosing a gravelly, mature and confident voice to read out your current offers over a catchy jingle sounds professional and will grab the attention of customers, right? Well, this could be the perfect scenario for a car dealership looking to show off the latest cutting-edge model in the range, but perhaps not as fitting if you were a high-end restaurant. A calm and smooth voice paired with a jazzier musical accompaniment might be the stronger option to convey a sense of up market, fine dining.

As well as identifying the most appropriate voice for your business it is well worth considering the surrounding area and what dialect might be commonly associated with it. For example, hearing a cockney accent over the phone while trying to book a room for the night at one of Carmarthen’s local B&B’s could come across a little disjointed!

At Sound Marketing, we can help tailor your audio offering in a way that optimises your existing visual branding. Our dedicated Account Managers will work with you to build a script that engages the customer, highlights your current offers and products, all whilst remaining unique to your business. 

If you would like to take advantage of our services and enhance your audio branding, visit for a free audio sample. 

By Michael Stubbings

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