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Benefits of On Hold Audio

Benefits of On Hold Audio

On Hold Marketing really works!  Not only does it enhance the professional image of your business, but it also provides a fantastic marketing opportunity to promote your products and services to a perfectly qualified audience – your customers. A 2011 survey conducted by ICM of more than 2000 UK-based companies, found that 70% of calls were placed on hold or transferred between colleagues – and 68% of these calls were on hold for more than one minute.  More specifically, the research also highlighted that 73% of the people surveyed indicated that they prefer to hear something other than silence or tones while on hold.

The happier your customers feel while on hold, the longer they will be prepared to wait.  So, make that time count, you have their attention.

With professional on hold audio marketing messages, you can capitalise on this opportunity and by the time they get through, you could have made a sale!

Are your customer aware of all the services and products you provide? 

You may think that your customers already know what you sell, however very often businesses provide several different services and products which the caller may not be aware of.

For instance, a customer’s car has just broken down, so they are ringing the local garage for advice, however whilst waiting to be transferred to the service department, they might hear a message about a new car offered by the company. Perhaps, that customer is now thinking about the benefits of buying a brand new car and wants to hear more!

Or maybe an electrician is waiting on hold to find out if the part he needs for his kitchen refit is in stock, and he hears an audio about the domestic appliances the company also sell. He now realises he will get a better deal with his electrical wholesale account and places an order, instead of going elsewhere!

On hold marketing creates a positive customer experience!  According to recent research conducted on behalf of PRS. it was discovered that:

  • Callers who were exposed to music and information on hold stayed on the line 20% longer than callers who heard nothing when placed on hold.
  • On hold audio can be used to commercial benefit by projecting corporate style and values and improves the customer experience. Callers related a positive image of the company and made direct enquiries based on the on hold recording.
  • On Hold Marketing is a service used by businesses of all sizes to deliver information to their callers whilst on hold or when being transferred between departments.  Also known as Audio Marketing, On Hold Messaging or Messages and Music on Hold, it is widely regarded as being one of the most innovative and cost effective forms of marketing available today.
  • Increase awareness of any additional services and products
  • Promote current and seasonal offers
  • Reassure customers
  • Increase bookings
  • Promote events
  • Cross-sell products
  • Reinforce brand standards

Your customers have already called your business, so don’t leave them sitting in silence… Take the opportunity to CONNECT!

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