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Cher changed music forever… Autotune is now the default for all singers

Cher changed music forever… Autotune is now the default for all singers

Twenty years ago, Cher did the unthinkable. She took her voice, her most recognizable asset, and transformed it into a robotized voice almost unrecognizable. The result was “Believe”, the song that made Auto-Tune mainstream.

Who could have anticipated that auto-tune would be used in pretty much 99% of recorded music to some extent?  Definitely not Andy Hildebrand, the inventor of autotune. He did not think anyone in their right mind would use it in a professional way.

AutoTune is to music what Photoshop is to photography. Singers have a love-hate relationship with it since they all use it to some extent but they are not keen on admitting they do.

What does autotune actually do? It is an audio signal processing tool originally designed to correct off-key vocal performances or any other instrument. If used excessively it might sound unnatural and robotic.

In general, this technique is used when an artist has delivered a fabulous performance emotionally but there might be a few pitch problems here and there. This is when the software comes into action, saving a once-in-a-lifetime performance and preventing the need for singers to record the tune over and over, and losing the emotional content in the process.

What levels of autotune exist?

Cher, among many other artists, purposefully used it too much in her song “Believe”. However, if used properly it can be unnoticeable.

How to autotune?

  1. Apply the plugin to the track & familiarize yourself with it.
  2. Select the key, scale, and input type.
  3. Choose your retune speed.
  4. Decide how perfect you want the vocals to be.
  5. Tweak (in context) of the full mix.

The singer’s 1998 comeback track using the technology called AutoTune changed the music industry forever.

We don't tend to opt for autotune unless a particularly creative piece demands it. Listen to our samples and see for yourself;


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