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7 ways to reduce abandoned calls

7 ways to reduce abandoned calls

An abruptly ended call before the customer had the chance to talk to an agent and they hang up without leaving a voicemail is considered an abandoned call. They are a key metric that helps measure a call centre’s efficiency. Thus, taking into consideration that phone support is a critical channel when it comes to customer support it is key to monitor abandon rates from time to time.

The abandonment rate is the result of dividing the number of abandoned calls by the total calls received. Then, which abandonment rate is considered to be normal and at what point should you start worrying?

What is considered a good rate? A study conducted by Marchex Inc reported that one out of five calls from mobile phones are abandoned. Identifying good or bad rates highly depends on your company standards. What is obvious is that we want this rate to be as low as possible, however, a 5% to 8% abandonment rate is not worrying.

Bear in mind, however, that in unprecedented times this percentage can increase up to 20% and still be considered to be good enough.

What may be causing high abandonment calls? A complicated or too long IVR menu, ineffective call routing, shortage of staff may be several reasons that may be causing this rate to be high.

What can you do to reduce them?

  • Short IVR menus (max 3-4 sub-menus).
  • Put an effective call routing system in place.
  • Understanding patterns in call volumes will allow you to plan ahead and make sure you have an adequate number of employees taking care of incoming calls.
  • Announce the estimated waiting time: It helps set expectations and reduce caller frustration. Moreover, it will allow them to make an informed decision about whether to stay on the line or not.
  • Virtual queuing or callbacks: This allows customers to hang up without losing their place in the queue. Then an available agent calls them back.
  • Properly trained staff will solve queries faster and increase positive customer experiences.
  • KEEP CUSTOMERS ENGAGED: The most common reason is usually lack of patience and boredom. Occupy the customer’s time with on-hold music and useful informative messages will reduce their frustration and make the time go faster.

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