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7 Top tips on answering the phone well

7 Top tips on answering the phone well

These days, the good old telephone is sometimes forgotten. However, first impressions count, and a telephone call is often the very first touchpoint a potential client has with your business. Let’s also not forget that speaking with your clients is the best way to cement those precious relationships. At Sound Marketing, we strongly believe that picking up the phone is an integral part of providing the best service we can, so we’d like to share a few of the things we’ve learnt over the past 20 years.

DON'T LET THE CALL RING OUT FOR TOO LONG It sounds obvious, but make sure all your team know that answering within 3 rings is essential. You probably have plenty of competition out there, so don’t give them a leg up by not getting to the phone quickly.

LET THEM KNOW THEY MATTER You’ve been there, I’m sure. You call a company and the person answering the phone makes you feel like you’re an inconvenience. Sounding irritated, bored or downright miserable will be communicated through your voice. So put a smile on – it works!

WHO ARE YOU? You should always be professional and confident. It doesn’t really matter if all of your staff answer the phone differently, but they should all give their name and your company name. Remember that first impression you’re trying to create.

NO MUMBLING NEVER use slang or colloquial language. Don’t mumble and always speak slowly, so they can catch every word. If you like, you could make sure everyone knows the phonetic alphabet so they can ask for tricky names to be spelt out to avoid any confusion or embarrassment.

DON'T PANIC IF YOU GET STUCK Nobody expects you to have all the answers. If you haven’t got the answer to the question to hand, let the caller know you’ll find out and get back to them. Whatever happens, don’t say “I don’t know”.

BE PRECISE If you are taking a message, be as precise as possible as to when they will receive a call back. If the person needed to answer the query is out of the office, see if you can find someone else to help.

LET TECHNOLOGY HELP YOU MAKE A GREAT IMPRESSION You may need to put a caller on hold or transfer. If they just get beeps to listen to, bad music, or the dreaded silence – they may well think they’ve been cut off, get frustrated with the incessant beeping, or just be plain annoyed. If they hang up, the chances are they won’t call back. On hold messages can improve caller retention, give a great first impression and even help to cross-sell your products and services.

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