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6 phrases you should avoid for your on hold messages

6 phrases you should avoid for your on hold messages

On-hold marketing scripts, music choice and voice over must all be in perfect sync. Having a well thought out script but a voice-over that doesn’t fit your brand image might have the opposite of its intended effect. The same happens if you use the perfect voice but the words are not carefully orchestrated. Do you promote your services and offerings? Being as informative as possible will improve your messages' effectiveness.

We have all been placed on hold several times and we know how infuriating some phrases can be. That is why we recommend you avoid the following phrases:

“Your call is very important to us.”

Do you really think you are making them feel important by making them wait? To show you really value your customers you must make sure you have enough staff to deal with the incoming calls in order to reduce the waiting time to a minimum. A most suitable option would be to provide entertaining and informative messages about your offerings.

“We’re exceptionally busy at the moment, we will answer your call as soon as possible, please hold on the line …”

There is something about the word exceptionally that insinuates that your time is more important than your caller’s. It is highly important that you communicate the positive aspects of your company on your on-hold messages to counter the negative aspect of holding on the line.

“We apologize for the delay.”

This can be perceived as fake politeness. Not to mention that it highlights a negative aspect about the company. Use that time to provide useful information the caller might find interesting to mitigate the negative effect of being placed on hold. The waiting time will likely pass more quickly.

“We are aware you are waiting, we will be with you shortly…”

It is not necessary at all to tell your customers you know they are calling. Leverage the opportunity on-hold messages brings by using your client’s holding time effectively. 

“Like us on Facebook.”

Do you really think asking for more of their time will make things any better? Definitely not. They already are wasting their time while waiting on the line. They might be perceived as being opportunistic and not caring about their time.

Phone numbers. Don’t forget they already dialled your number to call you. Don’t seem clueless!

Have you ever heard any of these phrases while placed on hold? How did you feel?

Be optimistic in your on-hold recordings so, if they inevitably are placed on hold the messages they hear aren’t all about how long they will have to wait or how busy you are at that moment.


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