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5 Top reasons why being heard is as important as being seen

5 Top reasons why being heard is as important as being seen

Customer experience is the result of every interaction between a client and the business. Not only direct exchanges with the company’s employees but also any other point of contact such as a piece of marketing, the website or app, etc.

If managed carefully it can help increase loyalty, positive online reviews, worth-of-mouth and overall, increase customer retention. If not, it could have a bad impact on success.

In what way audio can have a real impact on customer experience? Here are the 5 top reasons why being heard is as important as being seen: 

  1. Sound has a greater potential to remain in a customer's memory. The Musical echoic memory training (MEM) study found out that echoic memory (sound memory) is defined within the range of 2 to 4 seconds. It might seem very short but in fact, is much longer than iconic memory (visual memory)  which only lasts for 1000 milliseconds.
  2. Antonio Damasio argues in his book Descartes’ Error how emotion is a necessary ingredient to almost all decisions. Customers are emotional, and brand is sometimes one of the primary reasons why they choose a company or the other. Thus, working on building both a visual and audio brand can help differentiate your offerings.
  3. As reported by Harvard Health Publishing, music can boost memory and mood. Thus, why not using audio to spread positive vibes to your customers?
  4. Voice is a powerful marketing tool. The increase of podcasts, streaming ads, interactive assistants… is only proof of the potential voice has on communicating with your customers.
  5. The Inner Circle Guide to Omnichannel Customer Contact report by Nuance shows that across the array of channels customers have on their reach to contact businesses, the telephone is still the most-used channel (around 66%) for inbound interactions. Moreover, the caller experience represents a large part of the overall customer satisfaction level.

High-quality On-Hold audio allows customers to focus, pulls them into your message and perfectly complements other media elements. Why would you want to miss this opportunity? Speak to Sound Marketing about how we can help!


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