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12 Tips on how to sound good on the phone

12 Tips on how to sound good on the phone

No matter if you are an employee or you own the company, you will likely have to handle telephone calls frequently. Your speaking voice over the phone has the power to initiate a sales-related conversation. However, if you are not careful and your voice sounds unpleasant the opposite result might occur, killing the conversation.

Even if not everyone is blessed with a voice that sounds calm, reassuring and nice there are some tips you can follow to sound more welcoming. These tips are an excellent investment that business owners, managers, receptionists or any other employee in the company can benefit from.

  1. Use the right technology. Poor sound quality can delete any effort you might put into your voice. 
  2. Position your mouthpiece or device properly. Finding the right angle and distance of the device you are using can make a difference.
  3. Stay hydrated. If you talk for an extended period of time your throat can go dry and sound tired. It will help keep your voice in its best form.
  4. Take rest in between calls. Having no energy to deal with the incoming calls can be perceived through the phone by sounding annoyed or distracted.  If you are well-rested you will sound friendlier and warmer.
  5. Clear your throat before taking the call so your voice sounds more fluid.
  6. Smile when you speak. Try at least to relax your facial muscles. Even if they can’t see you smiling, this will relax your voice. Apparently smiling takes much fewer muscles (26 muscles)  than frowning (62 muscles). Thus, you will sound much softer.
  7. Be confident and cheer up your tone.
  8. Vocalize properly. Paying attention to the way you pronounce words will help you be comprehensible to whomever you are speaking to.
  9. Choose positive words. Such as  “I’m happy to”, “I will be glad to”, “Absolutely”, Thank you”, “You are welcome”, “It would be my pressure”...
  10. Don’t rush. They could take it as you are impatient and distracted.
  11. Listen carefully and repeat back to ensure there are not any miscommunications.
  12. Be respectful even when they’re not. Keep your cool and be professional.

Remember that the smallest details can make all the difference.

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