All UK businesses will be required to move away from conventional landline telephone systems by 2025, as the traditional copper telephone infrastructure is set to be discontinued. There is a diverse range of cloud telephone systems available, including 8x8, Cisco, Panasonic, Enreach, Hihi, Radius, Lily, bOnline Zoom, NBC, 3CX, Broadsoft, and Microsoft Teams Phone, plus many more.

Each of these platforms benefit from unique features tailored to specific sectors within the marketplace. However, there is one feature that all these systems have which is fundamental to the customer experience:

The ability to upload on-hold productions.

You may have already recognised the generic music that comes with a 3cx, Cisco or Panasonic cloud telephone system, so ask yourself, if my customers hear this soundtrack, how will this help my business?

This is where the SoundM telephone on-hold marketing service comes into action. We can create a production that not only makes you sound more professional than other businesses, but also communicates exactly what you need to drive your business forward. 

Do you want to:

Cross sell services?
Coordinate marketing campaigns?
Reinforce your brand standards?

For advice on moving to the cloud, or for on-hold marketing advice, please contact us on 01225 701600

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